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Business Christmas card Designs from £25.00

Business Christmas Card DesignsWe know it’s only October, but Christmas is such a busy time, so it’s best to get your order in before the rush.

Sending a Christmas card to your previous or potential customers is a great way to reinforce a positive image of you and your business and to keep your name at the forefront of your client’s minds.

From just £25.00, you can have complete freedom on how you want your card to look. With ideas from FK designs we can show off your business with a Christmassy feel and incorporate your business branding with it.

Call today on 01747 855058 to discuss any questions you may have and to get your Christmas business card in the making.

We can also supply competitive quotes for the print of your christmas cards, so please contact us for more details. Email: frankie@fk-designs.co.uk

FK Designs – Welcome to the World Wide Web

As many web designers & graphic designers will agree, it is extremely difficult getting ‘your own’ website right. You can become so picky on what content you have on it and whether or not you’re showing your skills off enough, that it takes forever to get it finished. But, at the end of the day you need to launch your website, so, I have! Please feel free to have a look around mine. I’m sure i will be changing this constantly, as I am a designer, and I am very pernickety!!!