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Website Design for Forest Depot, Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire

Forest Depot Website

FK Designs has recently designed and built a website for the Forest Depot in Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire.

The new website design needed to replace an outdated static site, which needed to be mobile & cross browser friendly. The website functionality also had to have an online payment system to sell forestry orders. This website has a PayPal ecommerce plugin and uses SSL for security.

Re-Design for Website in Dorset

New Design for Coppleridge WebsiteFK Designs has recently re-designed and updated a website for The Coppleridge Inn, Motcombe, Dorset.

As time flies by, the online world moves even faster!

You may have had your website designed 2 or 3 years ago, but have now noticed how dated it is. This is what the Coppleridge Inn discovered and realised it was time for an update. Please see their website: www.coppleridge.com.

If you have had a website designed and feel it is looking dated and needs a brand new look, please contact FK Designs today to find out how we can help you! Tel: 01747 835363